Contact the IT support

The IT support provides assistance to users for all computer and digital services IGBMC ..

You can report an incident or make a request for assistance

By email Sending an email to

By online form By logging into our ticket tool and logging in with your usual IGBMC account.

By phone By calling one number 3553 since a post IGBMC
or 03 88 65 35 53 from an external position

You can also go to the office 0108 to meet the team Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 14h to 18h.

Thank you to prioritize email or online form for all your dealings with computer support.

Agathe Zouiouiech
In charge of IT support

Matthieu Distelzwey
Gestionnaire de parc informatique

Guy Joubert
Gestionnaire de parc informatique

Guillaume Schneider
Technicien informatique en formation

Jeanne Lavaud
Technicienne informatique en formation

Abdourahim Bah
Technicien informatique

Louis Janel
Technicien informatique

Nicolas Format
Technicien informatique