Why Seafile

The labo4 zone and the project zone will no longer be maintained by the manufacturer from June 2020.
This has forced us to reorganize our storage infrastructure and modernize our tools.
The migration to the Seafile tool will therefore take place between March and June 2020 for all the Institute's teams.

What is Seafile

Seafile is an online service for storing, synchronizing and sharing files.
This cloud-based service allows easy access to your files in 3 different ways:
-From a browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.)
-On the hard disk of your computer, via the synchronization application or Seadrive.
-On smartphone or tablet

The main features of Seafile at IGBMC :

  • Find your online storage space (personal or shared space)
  • Upload your files or folders
  • Add, copy, delete your files or folders
  • Share your files and folders anywhere in the world.
  • Edit your files.