Smartphone & Tablets

You can access your files stored in Seafile directly from your mobile phone.

• Either through a browser (Firefox, Google chrome, Safari, etc.) :
• Or more efficiently directly by downloading the iOS or Android application.

Installing a mobile application

Installation is simple and free. With these applications, you can access your files, edit them, share them, store new ones from your mobile phone, etc. • The Android client is available from the Google Play Store.

• The iOS client is available on the App store.


The first time you log in, you will need to configure the application by entering :
• The server address:
• Your IGBMC account and password

Once the application is downloaded and installed, click on the Seafile icon.

Select “Add a new account”.
Then select “Other Seafile Server.”

Then enter :
• The address
• Your e-mail address, for example,…
• Your IGBMC password.

Click on Login.

You'll be taken to your Seafile space.
All your files are readable, and if you have the proper applications, writable.