Windows 10 is Microsoft's latest operating system, it is available from July 29, 2015.
Microsoft has opted to develop a new operating system available on all devices.

Windows 8 and Windows 7 successor, we find the “Start” menu of Windows 7 and tiles present in Windows 8.

Among the new features, one can note the user interface improvements, with support for multi-touch touchpads, the introduction of virtual desktops similar to Mac OS X or a new web browser, Microsoft Edge, which will gradually replace Internet Explorer. Microsoft is also launching with Windows 10 its virtual personal assistant Contana that is integrated in the desktop, like Siri on iPhone.

To encourage upgrading to Windows 10, Microsoft offers free upgrade for all computers running Windows 7 SP1 or greater, during the first year (until 07.28.2016). The Windows 10 updates are then offered for free over the evolutions of the system. Thus, Windows 10 is often presented as the “last version” of Windows since all future developments will be released for free as simple updates of the system.

Starting next year, new PCs (with a recent processor) will be de facto under Windows 10 and it will not be possible to install an earlier version of Windows since these will not be compatible with new processors. It will not be possible to wait too long before upgrading to Windows 10. Thus, when you choose to use a PC software, remember to check its compatibility with Windows 10!

Computers of IGBMC use mainly windows 7.
The update for Windows 10 is currently blocked on all IGBMC computers.
Windows 7 support ending 01/14/2020, the IT department will conduct the study of the impact of an upgrade of the park (compatibility of different programs, equipment, …) by the end of 2016.