Software Library

The software library, is a tool containing a selection of software made available to users by the IT department. The installation is automatic and does not require administrator rights.

Software selection and connection to the library

Click HERE in order to access the list of available softwares.

By clicking on the “install” button you will be redirected to the login page of the software library where you can use your IGBMC account in order to continue.

Computer selection

The following page will allow you to obtain various information such as the version and the editor of the software. In order to proceed the installation, it is necessary to select the device on which to install the software. To do this, simply check the concordance of the IP addresses framed in red on the screenshot below.

Once you have selected the device, you can start the software installation by clicking on the “Run Now” or “Exécuter maintenant” button at the bottom of the page.


This message informs you that the installation is in progress.
This message informs you that the installation is complete. The software is now available on your computer.

If you cannot find the software or the exact version of the software, you can ask the IT department to add it:

When you are creating a request, remember to include important information about the software:

  • Name of the software
  • Version
  • Operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux…)
  • Software category or use
  • Download link