Some time ago in an IT newsletter we introduced Windows 10, the new operating system that will replace Windows 7 and 8. If we come back to you today it is to make you aware of the challenges of the future migration to Windows 10 that will take place at the IGBMC.

What are the challenges of the migration?

The end of Windows 7 support by Microsoft is scheduled for January 2020. The loss of support will cause several problems such as:

  • The vulnerability of Windows 7 following the disappearance of the updates
  • The impossibility of ordering computers with Windows 7
  • Incompatibility of new components with Windows 7
  • Incompatibility of new software versions with Windows 7

What are the challenges for IGBMC personnel ?

The migration to Windows 10 begins in the year 2018 and will continue until 2020. Therefore, it is necessary that the teams can allocate part of the 2019 and 2020 budget to the replacement of computer equipment. These expenses can vary according to the need, we find in particular three factors:

  • Buying a new Windows 10 compatible computer
  • The renewal of licenses or updating software if necessary after contacting the publisher (NiceLabel software for example.)
  • The request for a quotation in order to replace if necessary the equipment from the different providers. (Leica equipment for example.)

All computers purchased before 2013 will need to be replaced. For example, here are four of the most commonly used computers that are not compatible with Windows 10.

All the following HP computer are obsolete : HP 7700, HP 7800, HP 7900, or HP 8000.

What will happen to Windows 7 computers ?

To preserve the security of the IT infrastructure, we disable some features on these computers:

  • Access to the external network will be blocked, it will be impossible to access the internet.
  • Access to the internal network will be limited to prevent the spread of threats in case of infection.

If you want to check the compatibility of your computer or if you want to plan the update, you can contact me by sending an email to