Purchase a workstation

The IT department accompanies you to acquire your workstations and associated peripherals.

Here is the procedure we propose for ordering and installing a new workstation:

Contact the IT department by sending an email to helpdesk@igbmc.fr

If possible, please give us some information about the computer you wish to order:

  • Type : PC or Mac ?
  • Format : Workstation ou laptop ?
  • Power ?
  • Storage space needed ?
  • Budget ?

You can also tell us the use you want to make of this computer by indicating for example the software you want to use.

Our team offers you one or more quotes

We will usually contact you within 24 hours of your request.

We can offer you several estimates and comparisons until you find the configuration corresponding to your needs.

The IGBMC has access to the Matinfo4 national framework agreement allowing it to order computers from Dell and Apple at preferential rates. The saving achieved is of the order of 15 to 30% compared to the public prices.

We order and prepare your new computer The IT department is responsible for ordering your computer (using your budget lines). After receiving, we perform the configuration and the deployment of all the software you need. We can also order the necessary licenses when deploying specific softwares.

Here are the usual times for ordering and preparing your computer once you have validated a quote:

  • Purchase procedure : 2 à 3 jours
  • Delivery : 1 à 2 semaines
  • Preparing the computer : 1 semaine

These delays may vary depending on the workload of our team. Do not hesitate to ask for a more precise estimate when ordering.

The IT department offers 3 types of workstations:

The Windows virtual desktop

The Windows Virtual Desktop is a minimalist workstation that allows you to connect to a ready-to-use Windows-based environment.

Delivery time: 1 to 2 days
Price: from € 400 excl tax

The PC (Windows or Linux)

PC computers exist in many forms.
The range of models we offer starts from the Dell entry-level PC (around € 500) to the fully customized PC and includes many desktop or laptop computers for every need.

When preparing your quote you will be able to choose the characteristics of your computer:

  • Type : workstation or laptop
  • Processor(s)
  • RAM
  • Hard drive(s) : HDD ou SSD
  • Additional cards
  • Display screen(s)
  • Peripheral(s) : mouse, printer etc.
  • Operating system : Windows 7 or Linux (we recommend Ubuntu for workstations)
  • Specific softwares

If necessary and in compliance with the administrator user's charter, you can have an administrator account for your workstation.

Delivery time: 2 à 3 weeks
Price: from € 560 excl tax (workstation or laptop)

Apple computer

Apple computers and peripherals are also available.

Delivery time: 2 à 3 semaines
Price: from € 1000 excl tax (€ 1500 for a MacBook Pro 13“)