These features are also available in Outlook (for Windows and MacOSX) and Apple Calendar.

Thanks to the Outlook webmail, you'll be able to book a meeting room from any connected computer in the world.

Connect to the webmail with your IGBMC credentials.

Once connected, click on Calendar in the top right of your screen.

Then click on New event in the top left of your screen.


For now, don't edit anything in the “New event” frame but rather click on scheduling assistant.

(Click the picture to enlarge)

Here, define a room, your guests and the schedule of your meeting.

(Click the picture to enlarge the overview)

Then, click on OK in the top left of the screen.

Back to the event webpage :

  • Here give a name to your event.
  • Choose to be reminded X minutes before the start of the meeting.
  • Quoting Request response allows your attendees to attest their participation or not.
  • Type here the body of the email.


Finaly, click on Send.

You will receive a notification email to validate the booking.

Your booking will be rejected by our server if it's in conflict with another one. This incompatibility will be notified by email.

In your webmail, you can repeat a booking in a very easy way.

In order to book a room recursively, when you are at the part 4) of this tutorial, click on repeat.

You'll be able to choose the repetition rate of your recursive booking.

In this particular context, conflicts are likely to occur. Please first check the availability of the room for all your planning. Beware ! If a conflict does exist, it will be rejected by our email server.