High Performance Computing

The IGBMC has a high performance computing (HPC) cluster accessible to all IGBMC research teams and platforms.


To access the HPC cluster you must have an active IGBMC IT account as well as an SSH client.


Use the software MobaXterm to access the HPC cluster.


Use the Terminal app located under Applications > Utilities.


Use the Terminal or console application available in your environment.

Connect to the HPC cluster

The HPC cluster of the IGBMC is accessible through the host hpc.igbmc.fr.

To log in to the HPC cluster, you can sign in to hpc.igbmc.fr in several ways : using your IGBMC username and password or with a ssh private-public key pair. IT department recommand this method.

On Windows, start MobaXterm; On Mac or Linux : open a Terminal

You will have to generate a ssh private-public key pair with the following command (leave the default settings):

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa

To push your public key to the cluster, run command:

$ ssh-copy-id <username>@hpc.igbmc.fr

Next time you ssh to the server, it should use the key and instead of prompting for the user's password, prompt for the passphrase of the key (if you chose to employ one)

Accessing your data

Several volumes of data storage are available on the IGBMC cluster. All of these volumes are accessible from the /shared folder.

You have a personal directory (homedir) specific to the calculation farm of the IGBMC. This space is located in the /shared/home/<your_login> folder.

You can find the lab area of ​​your team in the folder /shared/labo4

The storage on demand spaces are accessible from the /shared/labo5, /shared/labo6 and /shared/labo7 folders.

If you are unable to find a particular storage space, please contact the support by sending an email to helpdesk@igbmc.fr.

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Standard processors
Nodes 32
Physical cores 420
Maximum cores number per node 64
RAM 2,5 To
Maximum RAM per node 256Go
Graphical processors
GPU Node 1
GPU 4 (Tesla K80)
Cuda cores 19968
RAM 128 Go

High-performance shared storage

The calculation farm has a high-performance storage volume of 70TB to accommodate your data to be processed.